In Home Lesson Policies

Learn an instrument in the comfort of your home! These policies are designed to ensure an optimal home learning environment:

  • A parent or adult must be present in the household at all times.
  • Be sure that appropriate and well-maintained instruments are available.
  • Lessons must take place in a quiet space, free from distractions and interruptions by such things as television, video games, siblings, pets etc.
  • During poor weather and busy traffic conditions etc., flexibility is needed with scheduling.
  • The instructor is not liable for any damage that may occur to the home or its contents during the lesson time.
  • Please contact Chinook School of Music as soon as possible if you are unavailable for your lesson. This will save the instructor both time and fuel.
  • Chinook School of Music organizes in home teaching schedules based on geographical location. Exact lesson times for in home students are not guaranteed and may change at any point during the year in order to ensure efficient driving schedules for instructors.

See our map for our Southwest in home lesson service area. If your home is just outside of our service area, please let us know as we may be able to accommodate you based on availability.