Music Kids is Chinook School of Music’s early childhood music program for children six months to five years of age. We use a modern approach to music education that integrates scientific research supporting the positive role that music plays on brain development. A variety of instruments are used in each class including the piano, guitar, violin, drums, bells, rhythm shakers, and xylophones. Our students experience a joyful and nurturing learning environment while developing fundamental music skills.

Why start music lessons in infancy?

  • Studies show that exposure to music facilitates a child’s emotional and cognitive growth and development.
  • Parents and children learn activities and repertoire together that enrich and enhance their lives.
  • The mastery of musical skills strengthens confidence and self esteem.
  • Families build their repertoire of children’s songs and activities.

What will my child learn?

6 – 24 Month olds (with parental guidance)

  • Sound recognition: recognizing and responding to auditory stimuli.
  • Fine and gross motor skills: playing instruments and moving to music.
  • Developmental milestones: sharing, taking turns, participating in group activities.
  • Socialization.

2 Year olds (moving away from parental guidance)

“We are currently registered in the Siblings class after completing two sessions of age-specific classes for each of my two children. They both love playing Music Kids class at home each day. The songs are so catchy that even my husband and I find ourselves singing along! We are amazed at how much the children have learned! - Heather F.
“Music Kids class is the highlight of my son’s week! We have just completed our third session and will be back for more! - Mike A.
We absolutely LOVE Music Kids and the instructors! I have been to Music Kids in the Park, the 6-24 month old class, 2 year old class and now the unparented classes for ages 3 and up with my two daughters. It is a fun, engaging environment and they have learned so much. Thank you for such a great music program - Gillian S
  • Critical listening: recognizing and following instruction through interpreting sound.
  • Fine and gross motor skills: finger movement, mallet coordination and more.
  • Following direction: children follow cues from the teacher without parental encouragement.
  • Developmental milestones: identifying colours, sharing, counting.

3 - 4 Year olds (parent free class)

  • Social independence.
  • Rhythmic development: visual and aural recognition and performance of rhythms.
  • Tonal recognition: the introduction of notes.
  • Musical terminology: dynamics and more.

4-5 Year olds (parent free class)

Music Kids 4&5 year old group classes are laying the foundation for private lessons in any instrument. In this class, children will begin basic note reading. They will focus on the C scale using letter names and solfege (do, re, mi) using hand bells, xylophones and the piano. Children will enhance their basic rhythmic knowledge creating more complex rhythms that they will learn to perform both clapping and on different instruments. Children will enjoy a variety of instruments, songs and games to strengthen their musical knowledge.

Music Kids Private Lessons (ages 4+)  

Pre-requisite: Children must be a minimum of 4 years of age. If your child is younger than 4, permission must be granted from the instructor.

  • Independence: one-on-one learning environment with the teacher.
  • Student led exploration: a variety of instruments and activities are used to teach skills and concepts.
  • Fundamentals: In preparation for private lessons students learn musical note reading skills, rhythmic recognition and performance etiquette.
  • Theory: Students learn notation and rhythm.
  • Bridge to private lessons: Children discover their musical interests allowing parents insight into which instrument is best suited for their child's future musical studies.

Music Kids F.A.Q

See Margaret and Music Kids in action in this great little news cast from Telus TV

What is the cost of the program?
Each session of music kids has a different number of classes in the session and a different price. Prices are pro-rated after the session start dates.

My child is a few months younger than the next age category. Can I register in that class instead? 

Our curriculum is designed to encompass both the younger and older students in each age category. We prefer that you register your child for the class that is age appropriate for them. If their teacher feels they need to change classes, he or she will let you know. Teacher permission is required to register for a class that your child is too young for. Children in the parent free classes must be toilet trained.

May I bring two children with one caregiver? 

We request that all children attend class with one caregiver per child. If this is difficult for you, we offer siblings and multi-aged classes for people who have more than one child to manage at a time. If you are certain that your two children will fit into the class effectively with only one caregiver, please contact our administration and they will direct you to the teacher who will make the final decision. 

I am leaving town during the session, may I pay for a partial registration? 

When you register for Music Kids, you are paying for the spot in the class session. If we offer someone a partial registration, we may be denying full registration to another family. Sometimes there is another family you know who could take over your spot when you are away. We are happy to transfer your registration to accommodate that.  

Do you offer make-up lessons? 

Music Kids do not offer make-up lessons. Our program sees over 200 students per week and absences occur for many different reasons. Administration and teachers are unable to manage facilitating make-up lessons. 

May I bring an younger sibling into the classroom? 

We welcome younger infants who are still immobile. Parents are able to leave baby in a bucket seat or use a sling or other carrier to manage both children. If the younger sibling is crawling or walking, we have siblings classes available for both children. 

May I bring an older sibling into the classroom? 

We allow an older child to come to class and sit quietly off to the side. Occasionally older siblings have PD days off of school – we would rather your child attend with their older sibling than miss the class.