Quick guide to setting up your account on Wellnessliving.com

Step 1: Head over to Wellnessliving.com and create your account. You may already have an account from other activities in your life like yoga or fitness and if so, you can use the same login to find Chinook School of Music.

Here is a direct link to our login page:


Login Page

Step 2: If you have an existing Wellnessliving account, you may use your current login information. Otherwise, simply select “Create Account” on the bottom of the login page. You can use Facebook, Google or your email address to create a login.

Step 3: You will be asked to activate your Wellnessliving.com account through your email to complete the account registration process.

Step 4: Once you’ve confirmed your account in your email, you can fill out your personal information for your account. This is for you as the account holder, not your children.

Step 5: Add your children to your account by clicking the “My Profile” tab on the top and selecting “Add Family Member”. Fill out their information and select “Create Account” to add them to your family. Do this for each child in your family.

Please ensure that you select yourself as the payer for your child’s activities on the next window and press “Update Account”.

Add a method of payment to your account for your music lessons.

Under your Account menu, select “Billing” and add a credit card to your account. This card can then be used for your lesson payment plans and future purchases.

Register into group programs for yourself.

Under the “Book Now” tab, select the type of program you are looking for and explore your options. Search programs by future dates or what’s happening now.

Add the programs to your cart and pay.

Register into group programs for your kids

IMPORTANT: You must switch to your child’s account to register them into programs on Wellnessliving.

To do this, navigate to your profile menu and select the child’s name you wish to register. You may then explore programs under the “Book Now” tab for this particular child. Age restricted programs will show as such.

Confirmation Screen
Account Creation
Add Family Member
Add a credit card
Group programs for yourself
Child profile

To pay your annual private lesson registration fees for your children:

Press the store tab in the top right hand corner of your window. Add 2019-2020 Registration fee to your card and select the number of fees you will be paying based on the number of students you are registering.

1 student = 1 fee

2 students = 2 fees etc.

Select “Proceed to Checkout” and pay your fees using the method of payment of your choice.

Registration fees