General CSM FAQ

How much do private lessons cost?

At CSM our private lessons vary in cost based on instrument. Feel free to send us an inquiry and we will be happy to provide you with further details on our programs and services.

If your home is just outside of our service area, please let us know as we may be able to accommodate you based on instructor availability.

If I live outside of your in home teaching range, can I still have in home lessons?

Fall registration and re-registration for current students takes place in April each year. For more information click here.

When does registration for fall lessons begin?

Students signed up for the school receive 36 lessons from September to June. CSM does not charge students for school closure dates. You can view our calendar by clicking here

How many lessons are there in the school year?

Methods of payment at CSM

Payments are calculated according to the number of lessons in the ten month school year.

Monthly Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) or Post dated Cheques.

Monthly payments are debited on the first of each month.

Pay as you go / Drop in:

Chinook School of Music does not offer a pay as you go or a drop in payment plan. The minimum number of lessons that can be booked is 4 and payment is required in full prior to the first lesson. Trial lessons are charged at the time of scheduling. "Meet and Greets" with teachers are free of charge. 

CSM offers a wide variety of music books and supplies. We can also special order items that you don't see on our shelves.
All students are required to purchase their own music books and study materials.

Where can I purchase music books for my lessons?

Refunds or make-up lessons are not issued for student absences. If a student misses a lesson, the student forfeits the cost of the lesson.

Any lessons cancelled by the instructor are made up at a mutually agreeable time. If a student cancels or does not attend a scheduled make up lesson, the makeup lesson is forfeited.

Do I get a make up lesson, refund or credit if I miss a lesson?

One-month’s written notice (four lessons) is required to withdraw from lessons between September 1st and May 1. The student may continue to take their lessons up to and including the final lesson date. No refunds will be issued for lessons after May 2 for the remainder of the school year.


Can I discontinue lessons?

After your four weeks notice has expired you will not be charged for any further lessons.

What is the penalty to discontinue lessons?

Opportunities are available to students who wish to participate in performances and receive feedback on their playing. Recitals and festivals are not mandatory but are encouraged for further musical growth and development.

Chinook Celebration of Music Festival -  late November/early December

Winter Recitals - February

Spring Recitals - June

Do you have recitals or performance opportunities for my children?

Chinook School of Music uses newsletters, texts and e-mail to communicate with our students. Please ensure that is in your contact list to receive emails from our institution. At any time, if you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter or promotional publications, you may do so by clicking the unsubscribe button in our emails. Please note that by doing so, you may miss important information regarding your child's music lessons, performances or registration dates. 

How does CSM communicate with parents?

Music Kids F.A.Q

Each session of Music Kids has a different number of classes in the session and therefore a different cost. Tuition is pro-rated after the session start dates.

What is the cost of the program?

Our curriculum is designed to encompass both younger and older students in each age category. We prefer that you register your child for the class that is age appropriate for them. If their teacher feels they need to move to a different class, they will let you know. Permission from the teacher is required to register for a class your child is too young for. Children in the parent free classes must be potty trained.

My child is a few months younger than the next age category. Can I register in that class instead? 

May I bring two children with one caregiver? 


We request that all children attend class with one caregiver per child. If this is difficult for you, we offer siblings and multi-aged classes for people who have more than one child to manage. If you are certain that your two children will fit into the class effectively with only one caregiver, please contact our administration and they will direct you to the teacher who will make the final decision. 

When you register for Music Kids, you are paying for the spot in the class session. If we offer someone a partial registration, we may be denying full registration to another family. Sometimes there is another family you know who could take over your spot when you are away. We are happy to transfer your registration to accommodate that.  

I am leaving town during the session, may I pay for a partial registration? 


Music Kids do not offer make-up classes. Our program sees over 200 students per week and absences occur for many different reasons. Administration and teachers are unable to manage facilitating make-up classes. 

Do you offer make-up classes for Music Kids?

We welcome younger infants who are still immobile. Parents are able to leave baby in a bucket seat or use a sling or other carrier to manage both children. If the younger sibling is crawling or walking, we have siblings classes available for both. 

May I bring an younger sibling into the classroom? 

We allow an older child to come and sit quietly off to the side. Occasionally older siblings have PD days off of school – we would rather your child attend with their older sibling than miss the class. 


May I bring an older sibling into the classroom?