Music Lessons Begin September 6, 2018.

Welcome to another exciting year of music and learning at CSM! As the summer days grow shorter, we get closer to the first day of lessons on Thursday, September 6th

If you are uncertain about your lesson day, time, or instructor, please call administration to confirm at 403-246-8446.

Here are some helpful pieces of info to get your school year off to a great start: 

3522 19 Street SW. We are located on the top floor of Plaza 34. Access us from the south side of the building and head up the stairs to check in with administration on your first day of lessons.  

Parking is free at CSM both in the lot in front of the school and on the streets around Plaza 34. 

What to bring to my first class
Students coming to lessons for the first time can bring a pencil and a blank notebook (CSM stocks music dictation books for $2.50 each). Students may require a new lesson or theory book which costs $10-$20. 

Is there a waiting room? 
Yes! CSM has a waiting room on both floors with a children's area for family and siblings to wait while you learn. Please note, we ask that children are not left unattended in the waiting areas.

CSM has washrooms on both levels. Washrooms upstairs require a key which you can request from the front desk anytime. 

Have more questions? Call us 403-246-8446